Most Common English Words

  Most commonly used words in English (The best quotes from movies and TV series)
1000 Questions-Answers

1000 Most Common English Words

1-50 51-100 101-150 151-200 201-250
251-300 301-350 351-400 401-450 451-500
501-550 551-600 601-650 651-700 701-750
751-800 801-850 851-900 901-950 951-1000





         Crossword puzzles are an all time favorite, and most people will have done them at one time or another in their lives. You can also play it on your computers instead of pen and paper. People love playing Crossword because it is more like a learning exercise combined with recreational activity. It is an indirect method for memorizing spellings. It will help you enhance your vocabulary.

         Crosswords are very old word games, the games can be fun, what is even more important, is that they can often be used to increase the vocabulary, We all know this game because we were used to playing it when we were kids and it is a word game that improves thinking and enriches vocabulary. Its rules are very simple and it is a challenge for each of us to check up our knowledge in a given language.

         They are also very easy to play and understand so almost anyone can play them with very little knowledge of the game. Crossword is another educational game that will help you increase your vocabulary and knowledge of how words are spelled.

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