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  Most commonly used words in English (The best quotes from movies and TV series)
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          The best way to learn English is to practice spoken English in conversations. Use this 100 English conversation practiceto learn English.

          Learn and improve your English conversation skills by practicing your English speaking using our 100 English conversation practice. We have basic English conversation lessons for beginners. These are perfect for beginners wanting to improve their English conversation skills. These English conversation lessons will help you with your English speaking.

         English conversation (91-100)


91. Why do you want to fight?

A : What do you want to eat?
B : I said I'd meet my friends from the team at university.
A : Didn't you tell me we would have lunch together?
B : Dad, I told you I will going to eat with them.
A : Why do you want to fight? I'm doing the best I can.
B : You never pay attention to me. My mother always paid attention to me.

92. What sports are popular in your country?

A : What sports are popular in your country?
B : Tennis is very popular.
A : What sports do you play in your country?
B : In our country, we play a lot of football and tennis.
A : Do you enjoy playing tennis?
B : Yes, I do.

93. Is your husband quiet?

A : Why are you so attached to talking?
B : I don't know.
A : Maybe because you so lonely?
B : Yes.
A : Is your husband quiet?
B : My husband?

94. Where’s the hospital, please?

A : Where’s the hospital, please?
B : It’s about three miles from here.
A : How can I get to the hospital?
B : You can take a taxi.
A : Thank you. Taxi.
C : Yes, Where are you going?

95. What prize is it?

A : Congratulations! You’ve won a prize at our restaurant.
B : Did I? What prize is it?
A : Mobile phone. This range of mobile phone is very expensive.
B : You sure have a lot of fate with money.
A : It is good. But I can’t possibly have 2 mobile phones at one time.
B : You can also sell it to some shops.

96. Do you live with your family?

A : Do you own a house?
B : No. I rent an apartment.
A : How much is the rent?
B : I pay 100 dollars a month.
A : Do you live with your family?
B : Yes, with my wife.

97. That's a plane.

A : What are you doing?
B : Look! It's that UFO.
A : That's a plane.
B : What a pity, it's not UFO.
A : If it's UFO, we can shake hands with Aliens.
B : Yes. We can sit in the UFO and fly around.

98. Would you like something to drink?

A : Have you had enough to eat?
B : I’ve had plenty. Thanks.
A : Would you like something to drink?
B : I’ll have coffee, thanks.
A : Would you like some more coffee?
B : Yes, please.

99. What thoughts?

A : What thoughts?
B : What?
A : Why are you so surprised? Thoughts about guys?
B : Who am I supposed to think about?
A : Me. You can always think a lot about me.
B : Actually, there is someone that I like.

100. Where’s the post office?

A: Excuse me. I’m looking for a bank.
B : Yes. See that it’s next to the shopping centre.
A : And where’s the post office?
B : It’s behind the shopping centre.
A : Thank you very much.
B : You’re welcome.


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