Most Common English Words

  Most commonly used words in English (The best quotes from movies and TV series)
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          The best way to learn English is to practice spoken English in conversations. Use this 100 English conversation practiceto learn English.

          Learn and improve your English conversation skills by practicing your English speaking using our 100 English conversation practice. We have basic English conversation lessons for beginners. These are perfect for beginners wanting to improve their English conversation skills. These English conversation lessons will help you with your English speaking.

         English conversation (1-10)



1. What’s wrong with you?

A : How long will you be in hospital?
B : I can leave next Tuesday afternoon.
A : What’s wrong with you?
B : I have the flu.
A : I hope you get well soon.
B : Thanks for calling.

2. Sorry for causing you trouble.

A : What should I do?
B : You can't do anything.
A : I shouldn't run away.
B : It's okay.
A : Sorry for causing you trouble.
B : OK, and something's strange, please contact
     me immediately.  

3. Would you buy me some food?

A : What are you doing this morning?
B : I’m going to shopping.
A : When will you be back?
B : I would be back at four.
A : Would you buy me some food?
B : All right.

4. Why did you knock into me?

A : Hey, why did you knock into me?
B : I didn’t.
A : You didn’t? You did knock into me!
B : Miss! I didn’t knock into you.
A : Oh, is it?   I’m so sorry.
C : Let’s go.

5. What do you do?

A : What do you do?
B : I'm a nurse.
A : How many brothers do you have?
B : I have two brothers.
A : Where does your oldest sister live?
B : She lives in London.

6. Let's eat.

A : I think I'm just going home.
B : Why? To go study?
A : No. You're disrespecting me and I can't stand it.
B : Let's eat first.
A : Fine! Ok. But we're only eating.
B : Well, of course.

7. Is it too hot for you?

A : When did you arrive?
B : I got here today.
A : Is it too hot for you?
B : Yes, it’s hot.
A : How do you find the food?
B : Very nice, thank you.

8. Sorry scary you.

A : You scared me.
B : Sorry scary you.
A : That's ok.
B : What are you doing?
A : Look at the stars.
B : Let's go.

9. Do you work at the weekends?

A : Do you work in a bank?
B : No. I work in a shop.
A : What time do you usually start work?
B : I usually start at eight thirty.
A : Do you work at the weekends?
B : Yes, I work on Saturday.

10. I'm busy.

A : Tell me a story.
B : What story?
A : Any story.
B : What kind of story?
A : A racy one.
B : I'm busy here. I have nothing to say.


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