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Daily English Conversation - Questions and Answers

          1000 English questions and answers (from 141 - 160)

          1000 Common English Questions and Answers to you, it’s also important that you be able to use English to communicate with people in the real world our life.

          One of the most important tasks in speaking any language is asking questions and answer.

          Sometimes, even when you know a lot of English, you can have difficulty finding the right words or phrases to questions and answer. Here are 20 of the most common questions and answers in English.

          This article will help you learn how to ask and answer these questions to begin having conversations in English. it’s also important that you be able to use English to communicate with people in the real world. There are 20 basic English questions and 20 basic English answer on this page.

141 A What are you going to make me for lunch on Monday, Mom?

B Let's see. How about a sandwich?

142 A Hey, what about her? She's so hot!

B Not really.

143 A Can I ask you a favor?

B A favor?

144 A Can I get some breast milk?

B What do you take me for? Do I look that easy to you?

145 A Are you in a gang?

B No, sir.

146 A We have to call the police and need you here as a witness.

B Well, I haven't witnessed anything!

147 A Pick it back up already!

B Sir, l' m not throwing this away.

148 A Do I look like someone who would abandon.

B Don't you give up. Don't ever give up!

149 A I came to visit a friend in the south coast.

B That's in the east coast, not south, you fool.

150 A Why didn't you say anything?

B It's nothing to brag about.

151 A Wait right there. I'll look it up.

B Please, hurry.

152 A We are not together.

B Why do you keep telling people that?

153 A I guess what they say is true.

B What's true?

154 A We make a good team.

B Yes, we do.

155 A It's really hard to listen to someone.

B I get it.

156 A Nothing I haven't seen before.

B Except maybe that.

157 A What's gotten into you?

B I don't know.

158 A I can't do it.

B You gotta face that fear.

159 A Don't really seem to be interested.

B Yeah, I'm looking elsewhere.

160 A Why would I care?

B But maybe someone else cares.




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