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1000 Questions-Answers
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Daily English Conversation - Questions and Answers

    1000 English questions and answers (from 1 -20) 

           1000 Common English Questions and Answers to you, it’s also important that you be able to use English to communicate with people in the real world our life.

   One of the most important tasks in speaking any language is asking questions and answer.

          Sometimes, even when you know a lot of English, you can have difficulty finding the right words or phrases to questions and answer. Here are 20 of the most common questions and answers in English.

          This article will help you learn how to ask and answer these questions to begin having conversations in English. it’s also important that you be able to use English to communicate with people in the real world. There are 20 basic English questions and 20 basic English answer on this page.

1 A
What's this?

This is for studying English.

2 A
Am I not allowed to see this? Wait. Wait a bit.

You can't!

3 A
This is the first question! Who is the person that eats the most?

Well. I guess you can see who that is. You're looking at him right now.

4 A
They's there! I think they're changing.

Please follow them!

5 A
Hello. It's nice to meet you for the first time.

Hello. Excuse me. Sorry for following you here.

6 A
What do you do inside the car?

We read books.

7 A
You must split up the 20 lanes and clean them all!

This is too much!

8 A
Lets look at the rules first. We don't know them.

Rules? They don't know the rules?

9 A
They won't come. They have no reason to!

That was a lie.

10 A
What will happen? Let's take a look!

I don't like this atmosphere.

11 A
What are you doing?

I'm sorry. Excuse him.

12 A
You're late.

I had to stop in the bathroom.

13 A
It's too easy. Half of everything is luck.

And the other half?

14 A
Move out. Throw down your weapon and walk towards me, slowly.

Blow them to hell.

15 A
This is your last chance! Come out with your hands.

You can't win.

16 A
Is it necessary to drive so fast?

B I enjoy a spirited ride.

17 A
I know what you're doing.

What's that, dear?

18 A
We're having a pleasant drive and you bring psychology into it.

I was just sent here to evaluate you.

19 A
I want you to stop this car!

Really? Stop this car at once!

20 A
As you can see, I have no problem with female authority.

You're incorrigible. What am I going to do with you?




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